Prometeia XVI Information Path Encounter (Madrid, 500 pax)

Congresses & Conventions



Prometeia XVI Information Path Encounter took place at Madrid’s renown Westin Palace Hotel and the Hotel Villa Real June 9-12 with 500 guests in attendance.

Day meetings took place at the Westin Hotel where conference rooms 37 sponsors exhibited their products over the course of the event.

Guests participated in a captivating program that included a private visit to the Prado Museum followed by a cocktail dinner party at the magnificent Claustro del Museo.

In addition, guests enjoyed excursions like a visit to Toledo and throughout the city of Madrid.

The event culminated with a gala dinner at the Reina Sofia Museum NuBel Restaurant with a second gala dinner for a few guests at Casa de América.

After dinner all the guests enjoyed a thematic party in honor of Italy’s iconic singer, Raffaella Carra.


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